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FP Board, Metal Panel
NEOS Board is the top insulation material for buildings that is distinctively excellent in non-inflammability compared to the conventional insulation materials. According to research from the company, Dukyu Panel Co.,Ltd, it does not emit toxic fumes in case of fire since it is an environment-friendly insulation material. Especially, it has self-fire extinguishing temperature of 480℃, which makes possible to protect life and property from fires, and is made with environment-friendly materials.

Special merit
Distinctive non-inflammability and low smoke emitting performance
Excellent heat insulation
Environment-friendly product
Excellent workability

→Distinctive non-inflammability and low smoke emitting performance
NEOS Board is the building material, strong against fire, since it has a temperature of 480℃, which is possible to extinguish fire by itself. It also has an excellent flame retardation, combustion resistance and chemical resistance, low deformation in the high temperature and low emission of smoke and toxic fumes in case of fire.

→Excellent heat insulation
NEOS Board maintains heat insulation for a long time since is composed of independent fine bubbles.
Item EPS Hard urethane foam Glass fiber Dukyu FP foam JIS standard Test method
Density Kg/㎥ 16~30 30~45 64K 28 More than 13 JIS A 9511
thermal conductivity
(average temperature
0.03~0.039 0.022~0.025 0.028~0.043 0.031 less than
JIS A 1412
Max allowable temperature (℃) 70 100 400 480    
buckling strength N/㎠ 25 15~35 - 18 More than 2 JIS A9511
strength N/㎠
10 10~30 - 11 More than 1 JIS A9511
absorption rate g/100㎠ 1.5 3 absorption 5.4 less than 10 JIS A9511
→Environment-friendly product
NEOS Board is an environment-friendly product. We do not use materials that destroy ozone layer in the atmosphere. It is banned to use those materials destroying ozone layer in advanced countries.
→Excellent workability
It is an excellent building material in its function and performance incomparable to other materials. Its glass fiber is used as an internal core material. With various modules, colors and extensive workability are appropriate for the intention of architects and building owners are enable to design and maximize the satisfaction.

NEOS Board enables even beginners to fabricate easily when installing at site and reduces installation time remarkably since the workability is excellent .

→ NEOS Board was various being used

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